Helping us all speak the same language

While this will not completely solve our communications problems, it may go a long way in starting the dialog.

Thanks darkestdays11 on YouTube.

Leftist, cultural Marxist tactics and power

This fascinating comparison, on a Norway site, compares some of the motives versus objectives and goals of the modern Leftist. One part in particular sounds all too familiar to people who know how to think:

An apology to blacks from the white race

Although we are not sure we agree with everything in this apology from our friends over at The Eye Opener ( we do agree with the general idea. For example,

We apologize for building schools for you which we have had to repair over and over after you vandalized them beyond use. We apologize for inventing computers and the Internet, neither of which you use very much, but when you do use them it’s mostly to bash our race.

The Stimulus Myth

We read at Occidental Dissent how the so-called “American Investment and Recovery Act” was nothing more than a thinly-disguised bailout of the black middle class.

According to an analysis of Federal Reserve data by the Economic Policy Institute, the average net worth of black households has fallen by over 90%. This is the way that economics experts describe the phenomenon also known as "nigger rich."

The Black Thing

No, this article is not referring to Barak Obama, at least not directly by that subject line. Lloyd Marcus writes:

My fellow Americans, in regard to the U.S. presidency, please tell me we are over “the black thing.” Can we move past race and gender and simply elect the best American for the job?

South Sudan, world's newest nation, gets US Millions

The new nation of South Sudan, a group of rebel separatists who happen to be black, have created a new country based on not being satisfied with the way they were ruled by their previous duly elected government. In other words, they wanted "hope and change" so they took up arms and started a civil war.

How does that make you feel, you little mobster?

The American Thinker ( ) discusses CBS and their description of how it feels to black teens, when there is a chance that black "flash mobs" might make some people start to racially profile.

That's right: Mobs of teenagers have unleashed terror in the streets of Chicago and other cities in "flash mobs," and the best thing CBS in Chicago has to say about that is that black teenagers are worried about racial profiling.

Discrimination in America

"...their attackers, thirty to fifty African-American teens." What a stunning coincidence!

The White Guy second generation

This is the new and improved Help a White Guy site. We have gotten over being called a racist. We have tired of not being allowed to use that awful "N-word" and we are tired of being called rednecks.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but an entire race who gets their feelings hurt by words doesn't deserve to exist on this planet. Even if their president is one of them.


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