Help a white African!

Instead of offering our own commentary about this story, we would like to quote enough of the article here to get you interested, and then send you to the site to read the article, plus the article to which Andy refers.

Whatever your opinion on these issues, we hope you agree that it is a conversation worth having, or at least considering.

We begin with "Hold the Genocide, Please" at written by Andy Nowicki.

White basketball player

Why is it that when the entire school makes fun of this basketball player because he is white, no one says anything. "HEY WHITE BOY!"

We know what would happen if it was a single black kid in a white school, involved in a sport like target shooting or the chess club. The first time someone called him anything related to his skin color, the cops and DOJ would be out there, and Barack himself would be saying they "acted stupidly."

Help a white guy!

What is racism?

We often find that people don't really know what the word "racism" means, even though they throw it around freely. In an earlier story, we report on the billboards that proclaim that it is hard to see racism when you are white.

Apparently this is not true, if the racism is blatant enough. Take, for example, an article that appearead in Ebony magazine, with an interview with Samuel L. Jackson. And before we quote that, let's think again what the word "racism" means.

The easy definition is when someone believes that a person or group is better, or worse, because of their race. Skin color is often equated with that, and usually when people being discussed have different skin color.

Like the name of our web site: we are asking you to help us because we are white, and we feel that only black people ever get help, and that is because they are black.

So this Jackson guy says that he voted for Obama because he would make a good president? No, 'fraid not. Here is what he said:

The "Unfair" campaign

Perhaps you have seen the news about this new campaign from some self-appointed hate organization, putting up billboards around the USA describing a mythical problem. "It's HARD to see racism" etc.

We suppose that it's easier to see racism when you make your paycheck by pointing it out where none exists. Most blacks don't exactly know what the word means. This is why the sign is so popular.

It says "White People don't know how to do something that everyone else knows how to do." This is judging people by the color of their skin, and is something that their own prophet described in his famous deram speech.

Thankfully, any of us who were having trouble seeing racism before, can now see it in glorious graffiti colors, thanks to these awful people. Gladly, they chose to erect them in blighted ghetto neighborhoods where no one knows how to read anyway.

Their chose of a name, "", is enlightening. The whole "fair" and "fairness" issue has been a recent appearance in the national consciousness. For example, our parents used to say things like "life isn't fair" and that the word "fair" does not appear in the US Constutition.

An eyebrow trimmer and a coat rack.

It's just not fair.

When we read about the suspects arrested in some of these black crimes, we don't know if these are the names of the suspects, or if it is the name of the crime. Like some of those rappers whose stage names are "Murder" or "Gangsta" and stuff like that. Check out this story:

Come on, ABC, help out a white guy. Which name goes with which of the goons in the story? Here is our guess.

Imitating illiterate blacks to sell Korean cars?

A disturbing and confusing commercial appears on Hyundai's channel on Youtube.

We cannot imagine why they think that this will cause white guys to buy their product. It's possible that the Koreans think that because the current president is black, that we must all talk like that.

They should hire an American PR firm next time.

White guy got help from his club

We do not know if this video is authentic, that is, if this was staged by a couple of actors, or if it is what it appears to be. But it gets us thinking about all the alleged injustices over the years that may have had more to the story than the complainer told. Now that video cameras are everywhere, we sure see a lot more violence and crime directed at white guys, particularly in the dark.

First amendment dead in San Clarita, CA, for this 10-year-old

(image source: Grayson's father, Darren Thomas)

According to the Blaze ( ) Grayson Thomas happened to notice that their local newsman resembled the President in some way or other. This seems like a reasonable thing to say, since lots of his friends and teachers had mentioned the same thing.

In what universe?

This video is a good example of someone trying to pretend something is true using computer graphics. Much like the Obama birth certificate.... just because it is on a web page, does not mean it is authentic.

Anti white bias, in the media.

There is a site called AWM: Anti-White Media that deserves a look. This user-contributed collection of real media offerings that show the anti-white, anti-rights slant that the media commonly employs to further their agenda: making money.

From the site, it describes itself this way:

Plain and simple: Document all Anti-White, pro-miscegenation propaganda. Draw attention to the Anti-White double standards of media conglomerates and governments who insist "Africa for the Africans; Asia for the Asians; White countries for everybody!"


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