Help a white guy get a college education

The logic of using racial preferences to achieve diversity has always escaped me; since I believe the most qualified applicant should always be chosen regardless of race or sex. The United States de-segregated education over half a century ago and disadvantaged students need to suck it up and earn their opportunities in the 21st century. Clearly if diversity was a fair requirement in American we wouldn’t have all Black Universities and a Black Congressional Caucus. So let’s set all the bleeding heart crap aside and look at the facts of the Texas case.

Clearly, judicial discrimination against the white guy

He rode into office on a motorcycle, with a suspended license and thousands in unpaid tickets, promising voters a sympathetic ear when they came before him in Philadelphia Traffic Court.

He left his black robe and $85,000 salary behind in February after just four years when a Traffic Court cashier accused him of showing her cellphone photos of, well, the lower court.

Help a white guy get one of those free cell phones

It's not clear to us here if white guys are able to take advantage of this offer. Can someone help me understand? (Call me! Use my new number!)

Black dude coming down hard on a white guy

Give the guy a break, will ya? After all, he was alive when y'all were actually in chains, nowimesayin?

Group ethnomasochism: why some white guys hate our own race

"This will ultimately make us safer"

In this 2007 interview with aspiring Obama, he discusses his intimate knowledge of how Muslims act, and even says that "I may be a Christian". He does not explain how his being 15/16ths non-black might help any of us if he is elected.

As you may know by now, Ambassador Stevens, a white guy, was brutally murdered by Obama's Muslim buddies. Obama said "Muslim hostilities will cease the day I'm inaugurated," which of course, was not true. Was he referring to "Muslim hostilities against us blacks"? You decide.

(Thanks to Times/24/7 and the Washington Times for this story. See )

We've heard it all before

Facebook event

We don't do much with Facebook, because we have a life, but there is something going on that might make it all worth while.

"The National Empty Chair Event" (Eastwooding Obama)
Public Event · By Adam C. Miller, Chris L. Lotto and Angus Smith

Which is it, boy?

Obama Finally Helps a White Guy

Vice President Joe Biden has been in hot water after saying, in a speech, that Republicans are "going to put y'all back in chains." Subsequently, critics have been putting pressure on President Barack Obama to denounce the remark, to apologize for it. Obama did respond to the controversy today — but admitted no wrongdoing on Biden's part.


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