Has it been long enough yet?

This article is directed at any of you who voted for Obama. I doubt that many people who visit our site are Obama voters, but just in case there are, this means you.

When Obama was running for president, and then again for re-election as president, you thought that he would fix everything. Some of you thought "let's give this guy a chance and see if he can do as good of a job as a white guy." (You know you said that; don't lie.) Some of you wanted "anyone but Bush." Some of you wanted to prove you weren't a racist. Many of you wanted to cancel your parent's vote, or maybe the "memory of" your parent's vote. Some of you even wanted to vote for president for someone else's good.

Black guy jailed for YouTube video

Here this white guy makes a video, but the black guy gets all the attention. It ain't fair.

Just takin' it back

As reports flow in about voter fraud

During this post-election time in America, it is a good idea to remember that the current president was re-elected using the same fraudulent means that got him there in the first place. We do not claim that he was actively involved in it. To the contrary, he is not intelligent enough to know how to do something like this: witness the first debate to see how bright he really is.

Another Elvis sighting

If you read this story (thanks Ga. Daily News) you might think it is just another Elvis sighting, with the subject of the story using an electric guitar as an extension of power.

A North Texas pastor was killed Monday by an attacker who rammed a car into a church wall, chased the pastor and beat him with an electric guitar, police said.

Police in Forest Hill, a suburb of Fort Worth, did not say why the unidentified suspect attacked the Rev. Danny Kirk Sr., the founding pastor of the Greater Sweethome Missionary Baptist Church.

Why is there a "protected class" anyway?

"Just because you're white and have a certain belief system that may be even unpopular does not put you in a protected class."

Couple accused in Osceola hate group case speaks to WFTV www.wftv.com http://www.wftv.com/news/news/local/couple-accused-osceola-hate-group-ca... (Accessed 30 October 2012)

Can blacks be racist?

Maybe they’re trying to drum up another “October surprise” by releasing a poll that shows that the majority of white respondents are racist toward blacks and Latinos. Pollsters are lamenting that white people’s attitudes towards blacks haven’t gotten any better since Obama took office. According to the Associated Press poll, racial attitudes towards blacks have gotten worse over the last 4 years.

Read more: http://godfatherpolitics.com/7762/associated-press-racist-poll-shows-ap-...

Your first time

Thankfully a white guy re-did this video

White history month

And here we see another idea for a "White History Month" but as you may have guessed, this black genius in the clip says "Dat's raycess, mang!"

Again, it shows that he who throws that word out first is the real racist.

Now these geniuses are calling Romney a "nigga"?

Maybe they think they are helping a white guy with this ad, but sadly, it's just another white dude who is good with his video-making skills, and talked a bunch of black actors to make fools of themselves.

No doubt these individuals are part of the 47% who will vote for Obama.


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