Amber Lamps - a blast from the past

Our experts have decided that Trayvon Martin got his inspiration for attacking a white guy from watching this video. It worked out about the same in each case, with someone who could be Obama's son. If he had one.

Michelle speaks

This is a video taken by a bystander (a white guy) while Michelle was negotiating the school lunch with a black woman at McDonalds.

Caution: she be smack talkin an sheeit.

Black Man Breaks “Cracker” Bus Passenger’s Face

It was just a few days ago that a black guy in Union Park in New York went berserk and started hitting white people out of the blue. Witnesses overheard him say that the next white person he saw, he was going to beat up (in so many words). He hit three people, causing one of them to hit his head on the ground so hard that it caused brain damage. He was taken to the hospital and remained in a coma until they removed him from life support, which killed him.

If millionaire rappers can afford it

Killing white babies - great idea for showing the content of your character

The white guy chimes in here, explaining how whitey needs to go. We here at Help A White Guy do not understand what he is trying to say. We understand what he says when he says that "academia listens" to him, but is he saying that all white people need to be killed? Does he know that means him too?

Big news: Blacks hate white people

The Angry White Dude tells us of the Rasmussen poll that says "Voters Are Much Less Optimistic About Black-White Relations." I'm trying to simplify the wording in that statement so that it's kind of the way I speak. Maybe you could call it "taking the politically correct BS out of that string of words."

So let's start: What does "much less optimistic" mean here? What does "black-white relations" mean? Let's rewrite that headline, maybe in a why that the poll responders might have meant their answers.

Tennessee M.D.: "You got dat booty ass"

OK, OK, OK, hang on for a second. That is not the way the diagnosis was given, but instead, as HuffPo tells us, "Terry Ragland Diagnosed With 'Ghetto Booty' By Tennessee Doctor Timothy Sweo." (see: )

But when you read our headline, did you assume that it was a black doctor talking to a fat white chick? Shame on you. It turns out the story is more reasonable than that, for example, here is the doctor:

Yet he receives food stamps and housing assistance

Why the Media Blackout regarding the slaughter of Whites?

Why is Naspers not reporting all of the news relating to the violent Black on White Attacks, Murders, Rapes and clear aim towards Genocide? Less than 20% of these attacks reach the public through mass media.

Is it because Naspers thinks it will decrease its revenue when publishing these facts?

Are they more focused on entertainment and less on world news? The biggest and most sensitive question which they should answer is: Are they controlled by the ruling party, the ANC, who wants to dismiss, ignore and justify what is happening to the white people, especially the farmers, in South Africa? Are they too scared to publish facts that fly in the face of what the government of the day is saying that it is all part of crime in general?

Jail to the Chief


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