Why is there a "protected class" anyway?

"Just because you're white and have a certain belief system that may be even unpopular does not put you in a protected class."

Couple accused in Osceola hate group case speaks to WFTV www.wftv.com http://www.wftv.com/news/news/local/couple-accused-osceola-hate-group-ca... (Accessed 30 October 2012)

This story is about a couple, arrested and detained, with charges later dropped. Their crime was to be proud of their heritage, and buying paper plates and cups for a cookout in their back yard. The money, according to the D.A., was supposed to go for starting a race war.

Yes, the story is that bizarre.

It's a safe bet that if the couple were trying to celebrate any other heritage, either a color-based one or a geographic-based one or even a religious-based one, there would not have been a problem. It's just that the prosecution assumes that "heritage equals violence", because that is what we have seen from certain other uppity groups who have gotten a lot of press lately.

As you read this article, please remember that the woman they accused of all these things is a court reporter, a person who is normally trusted to accurately report the truth. We are sure that she has seen lots of monkeyshines in her career, and her word is simply accepted as truth (as it should be). So why do they now believe otherwise?

(Hint: look at hope and change for your answer)

Thanks WFTV, www.wftv.com