The "Unfair" campaign

Perhaps you have seen the news about this new campaign from some self-appointed hate organization, putting up billboards around the USA describing a mythical problem. "It's HARD to see racism" etc.

We suppose that it's easier to see racism when you make your paycheck by pointing it out where none exists. Most blacks don't exactly know what the word means. This is why the sign is so popular.

It says "White People don't know how to do something that everyone else knows how to do." This is judging people by the color of their skin, and is something that their own prophet described in his famous deram speech.

Thankfully, any of us who were having trouble seeing racism before, can now see it in glorious graffiti colors, thanks to these awful people. Gladly, they chose to erect them in blighted ghetto neighborhoods where no one knows how to read anyway.

Their chose of a name, "", is enlightening. The whole "fair" and "fairness" issue has been a recent appearance in the national consciousness. For example, our parents used to say things like "life isn't fair" and that the word "fair" does not appear in the US Constutition.

A generation of video game enthusiasts, children who lived in their mother's basement long after they should have moved out and gotten a job, have instilled a requirement that anything -- game or not -- be "fair". Video games are designed so that there is a chance, and a good chance, that the player will win.

Unlike life, where you can be killed for a pair of sneakers, these games are how baby boomers' kids have learned to live life. They imagine that life needs to be fair, since that is how their video games work.

These children do not start families, either because they have both hands on the game console or their own joystick, or because they do not want the responsibility of raising their own children, thus making themselves officially a grownup and parent. Instead, they plan to stay a child, also known as the "Peter Pan effect."

And then they are old enough to vote, and elect a nanny state government. Politicians are always too happy to accommodate them, thus justifying their own jobs.

And you have what you see today: if you don't like something, call it unfair and wait for the government to fix it.

This is Occupy Wall Street, this is "racism", and this is "Hope and Change." See how many times the word "fair" and "unfair" shows up the next time you talk with someone born after 1970, who has no kids, and is deeply into high tech.

If you get a chance, ask them if they hate their parents. They do.

And we are suffering the fallout, because they are changing the world to become what their mother wouldn't do for them: make them move out and get a job.