As reports flow in about voter fraud

During this post-election time in America, it is a good idea to remember that the current president was re-elected using the same fraudulent means that got him there in the first place. We do not claim that he was actively involved in it. To the contrary, he is not intelligent enough to know how to do something like this: witness the first debate to see how bright he really is.

The presidential vote was decided by a 2 million vote margin, which is less than one percent of the US population.

Keep in mind also that if the voting had been authentic, and Mr. Romney had been given the presidency, there are many in this country who would still ignore the laws, would still kill, rape, and rob white people (and each other), regardless of what choice the voters put into office.

"Voters continually elect politicians who either share their biases or else pretend to, resulting in bad policies winning again and again by popular demand." So says economist Bryan Caplan of Freakonomics fame. Does this mean that just because voters reached a majority decision, that it is the right one?

There is no reason to believe that things are going to get better in the next four years. The current president thinks that things are fine as it is. Why would he change anything?

Do you know anyone who voted more than once this year? Of course you do. Ultimately, we get the government that we deserve. These next four years will be interesting being a white guy, including those who multiply-voted to re-elect the current president.