This November's real purpose

We happened across this site while preparing our latest defense against those who use that magic word 'racist'.

"President Bush had students during commencement speeches stand up and turn their backs on him, conservative women were called sluts, cunts, and some were fantasized as those that should be hate-fucked. Blacks who choose not to vote Democrat are called the worst of racial slurs and the left remained silent on all these examples of a lack of decorum while lecturing us on disrespect for the office of the presidency and treatment of women and minorities.

I told you this fall's election will not be allowed to be a referendum on Barack Obama's first term in office. It will be about the color of his skin and the left is running with this at a sprint."

Black & Right (Accessed 17 June 2012)

These folks, like us, are probably used to the tactic of screeching the word "racist!" instead of an adult discussion about whether or not something is truth.

Our strategy is simple. We listen to the statement, and then we ask: "But what if it's true?"

The simple fact is this: the people who elected Barack Obama into office seemed to feel that they need this particular person as their president. And now they have him as their president. Are they happy with the results? The answer is clearly 'no'.