NAACP King says "Firing at Police" not a smart thing to do

According to the Associated Press, King Salim Khalfani, the longtime former executive director of the Virginia NAACP, says that shooting a cops is not smart.

"I understand the pain, man, but if what we heard is true, you can't run down the street firing at police and ducking for cover," Khalfani said. "Not a smart thing to do."

"This is not Ferguson," said Richmond's semi-black police chief Alfred Durham, for no apparent reason. "We're not sure if he was askin' or tellin' us that," said the black mayor, Dwight Jones. "We are pretty sure he knows what city he works in." Durham replaced the previous police chief, Ray Tarasovic, an old white guy who came out of retirement to stand in for the previous black chief of police Bryan Norwood, who was the token negro for the previous mayor, white negro Douglas Wilder, who was run out of town for the usual reasons that a black politician does (see: Jackson, Jesse Jr.; more complete list of humiliated and convicted negro politicians here: )

Durham might have been referring to Ferguson, where a gigantic street thug attacked an armed, uniformed police officer who shot the bitch, and comparing it to this present event where a two-time felon with a gun, shot over his shoulder Annie-Oakley style at two cops and wounded the black one, then the white cop fatally shot the fleeing, violent felon with the gun.

Or he could have just been confused. The chief earns an annual salary of $165,000. In Ferguson, the chief earns $59,000, or approximately one-third of what Durham gets.