How does that make you feel, you little mobster?

The American Thinker ( ) discusses CBS and their description of how it feels to black teens, when there is a chance that black "flash mobs" might make some people start to racially profile.

That's right: Mobs of teenagers have unleashed terror in the streets of Chicago and other cities in "flash mobs," and the best thing CBS in Chicago has to say about that is that black teenagers are worried about racial profiling.

George Orwell would shudder after reading this headline: "Some Worry Mob Attacks Are Encouraging Racial Profiling." In the story, a journalist interviews young black teens hanging out at North Avenue Beach, the scene of one of the mob attacks. We learn that some in this group "feel targeted as potential troublemakers because of recent attack mobs in the city."

It is OK to talk about your feelings, but it might be a good idea to talk about why you don't have a job, or why you are "hanging out" where the pickins are good for another flash mob attack.

Thanks to American Thinker, H/T NM