Holder Wants One Law for Whites and Another for ‘Non-Whites’

Attorney General Eric Holder spoke to a gathering of black church leaders on Wednesday in Washington, D.C., where he told them that voting is a “sacred” right. Where’s the ACLU? Americans United for Separation of Church and State? Sounds like “theocracy” and “dominionism” to me. Where’s Michelle Goldberg? Wasn’t the Attorney General trampling on the First Amendment by mixing religion and politics?

The whole separation of church and state thing is a one way street. It’s only OK for liberals to make appearances before church leaders and speak about a “sacred” right.

It’s too bad that conservative church leaders are intimidated by the claims of liberals and organizations like the ACLU and Americans United. It’s more likely, however, that pastors use the “separation of church and state” myth as an excuse not to speak on political issues, thereby giving liberals free reign to recruit among religious adherents with no blowback from groups the ACLU and Americans United.

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