Help a white African!

Instead of offering our own commentary about this story, we would like to quote enough of the article here to get you interested, and then send you to the site to read the article, plus the article to which Andy refers.

Whatever your opinion on these issues, we hope you agree that it is a conversation worth having, or at least considering.

We begin with "Hold the Genocide, Please" at written by Andy Nowicki.

I admit to being slightly baffled by Colin Liddell's recent Alt-Right article, "Is Black Genocide Right?" (

The title, along with the "sick joke" accompanying photo of a hungry vulture perched expectantly next to a miserable, pitifully scrawny African child, suggest a Jim Goad-esque/Jonathan Swift-ian ironic display of grotesque callousness, designed to provoke unsuspecting readers to outrage though the use of intentionally over-the-top rhetoric, employed by the author for explicitly satirical purposes.

Yet for all that, I'll be darned if the piece itself doesn't read, rather chillingly, as a straightforward recommendation of mass murder... Perhaps there is a subtle point that I've simply been too obtuse to notice, but upon reading and re-reading "Is Black Genocide Right?" several times, I can't detect any hint of anything to mitigate the article's harshness of tone. I don't discern any sort of twinkle lurking in the author's narrowed eyes; nor do I see a hint of a wry, twisted smile on his pursed, angry lips. He seems as serious as... well, murder.

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