Has it been long enough yet?

This article is directed at any of you who voted for Obama. I doubt that many people who visit our site are Obama voters, but just in case there are, this means you.

When Obama was running for president, and then again for re-election as president, you thought that he would fix everything. Some of you thought "let's give this guy a chance and see if he can do as good of a job as a white guy." (You know you said that; don't lie.) Some of you wanted "anyone but Bush." Some of you wanted to prove you weren't a racist. Many of you wanted to cancel your parent's vote, or maybe the "memory of" your parent's vote. Some of you even wanted to vote for president for someone else's good.

For example, I heard one woman say that she voted for Obama because of "a woman's right to choose." I happen to know that this woman was unable to bear children because of a hysterectomy that she had done many years earlier, as well as her 'tubes tied' when she was in her 20's. So it's clearly not her choice that she is protecting. So who is she voting for? Not herself and not her rights.

And now we have a shooting [lots of them, it seems -Ed.] of innocent white kids by a crazy white guy. And this just thrills the black voters, including Jamie Fox, who recently performed in a movie where the black hero goes around killing white guys.

Our question to you, the white Obama voters is this: how is this hope and change working out for you so far? Your vote put Obama into the White House, along with all his appointed freeloaders and czars. How is it working out for you??? It's a safe bet that the parents of those kids killed in Connecticut were liberals and Obama voters. It's a safe bet that the kid who did the shooting did or would have voted for Obama. We are not sure if his dead mother was an Obama voter - she is from New Hampshire and that state has turned 'blue', that is, liberal Democrat Obama God-removed government-worshipping blue state.

So just like the chief Justice said, you now have the government you have been praying for, voting for, or whatever you want to call it.

You will notice that many of us have already answered the question. We do not have our children in government-run schools. We do not allow the government to teach our children what is right and what is wrong, whether it's about color or diversity or US History or even religion. We do not accept the government's guarantee that our children will be safe against monsters, real or imagined.

But you do. And you get what you asked for.

Don't say we didn't tell you so.